If you are reading this page then most likely, you and your family are in need of more living space within your home and are interested in a Second Floor Addition ( Add a Level ). Guess what?, You came to the right place for second floor addition information. Pangione Developers Inc, a New Jersey second floor addition expert specializes in Home Additions, Add a Levels and Complete Home Remodeling Building.

Second floor additions instantly can double your living space. By adding a new add a level, you benefit by shifting all of your bedrooms to the new top floor. Now, you can open up the 1st floor and create an open floor plan. Those old bedroom walls can come down, take out the closets and voila, you have a completely new  looking 1st floor plan and gain a new floor upstairs.

Pangione Developers Inc offers complete second floor addition packages. Having built add a levels all throughout New Jersey, we have developed a reputation for fine add a level packages at the most affordable prices. Many homeowners will come to us with some general ideas as too how they want their new top floor addition to appear. They will provide magazine or pictures of homes that they like from the area. Other times some homeowners go with our design ability from our in house architect. From here, we will design your add a level according to your specifications. Once approved by you and your family, we finalize the plans and forward to your local building department for their review.

We have found that there are many reasons why homeowners decide to build a second floor home additions.  Families in need of more living space and decide on a second floor addition are very common. Why do most families looking for an add a level decide to go this route? One of the more common reasons is that they enjoy the street that they live on and the neighbors they live with. Their current school system plays a big part in them wanting to stay put as well so rather than be cramped in the current home, you can renovate and double your homes square footage and still stay in the are you love. So this being the more common reason, we find that another major reason homeowners build a second floor is simply because they listed their home but couldn’t get the price they were looking for so they came to realize that if the home wasn’t selling for the price they were asking then it would be impossible to move to another area where the homes could perhaps be a bit more money and at the same time that new home may need remodeling as well. So rather than take a chance and wait it out for the market to improve or the home value to increase, they move forward with the new top floor add a level.

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